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Who are we?


The Temple of Éiriú is a spiritual community. It is the Irish branch of an international collective that honours the old indigenous ways of the Earth and seeks to bring that wisdom forward to help us to navigate in these modern times. Its foundation is a blend of the old Celtic ways and the medicine path of the First Peoples of the Americas.


We hold a vision that all the peoples of the Earth will come together in this time, each with their own unique understandings, to create a healthy and sustainable way forward for ourselves, our children and the Earth herself.

We respect and support all traditions that hold the intention that all life is sacred.


The Temple of Éiriú is recognised by the Irish State as a spiritual community.

The intent and vision of the Temple of Éiriú is;

  • To reclaim the Ancient lineage of the God and Goddess on the Land for the peoples.
  • To enable the restoration of the Sacred relationship between the people and the Land.
  • To recognise, hold and guard all life as Sacred on the Land.
  • To protect the sanctity of the children.
  • To hold and promote the equality of all peoples on the Land and respect all spiritual traditions on the Land.
  • To provide such spiritual, educational and public activities to provide for the spiritual welfare of members and the peoples.


Core Beliefs


The Creative Force, which can be called by many names, embodies female and male and is beyond both, is manifest and unmanifest, the immanent essence of all life, embraces Earth and Sky, and is the all and the everything.

All life is sacred, interconnected and interdependent within the web of existence.
Grandmother Earth and her worlds (mineral, plant, animal, human and ancestral) are sacred, equal, and treasured jewels.

The Temple holds as sacred that nothing shall be done to harm any child of any world of Grandmother Earth, all life is born of woman, and within the interconnected web love is the only reality.

Female and male and all members of every race are fundamentally equal, such equality being evident and embodied in our actions.

The soul is eternal, ever learning and expanding; each of us choose, manifest and navigate our own destiny.

The primary alignment of the Temple is to the Goddess Brigid and the Ancient Holy Ones of Éire. We equally embrace the wisdom of teachers/prophets including Christ, Mother Mary, the Buddha, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma) and other such teachers whose teachings are supportive of/congruent with our own belief system.



The Temple respects the presence of all other religious/spiritual traditions on the island of Éire and their right to their own unique beliefs. 












Ceremonial Harp in a Hawthorn Tree, Co. Wicklow

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