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Have a browse around and get a taste for the Temple of Éiriú events, ceremonies, and some beautiful ancient places in Éiriú / Ireland.









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Hawthorn Tree at Ceremonial Site, Co. Wicklow
Stone Circle
Navan Fort, Co. Meath, Winter Solstice
Oweynacat, Co. Roscommon
Bridget's Holy Well, Co. Kildare
Holy Well, Hill of Tara, Co. Meath - Winter Solstice
Bridget's Well, Co. Kildare
Knocknarea, Queen Maeve's Cairn, Co. Sligo
Triple Spiral, Newgrange, Co. Meath
Stione Circle
Ancient Tree Roots, Avebury
Equinox Dawn at Ceremonial Site, Co. Wicklow
Solar Eclipse
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Vernal Equinox Sunrise
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Blue Moon July 2015
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Stag at Dawn
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Cliffs Co. Sligo
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Swan - Symbolic of the Dream of Éiriú
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