Ceremonies for Major Life Transitions


To honour and mark the passage of time ,ceremonies for major life transitions are available. These can take many forms and can be for any time in life that has a major impact on you, for example: relationship separation, becoming a parent, major birthdays or anniversaries, rites of passages into adulthood for young women and men.


Baby Naming Ceremonies


Here the child is welcomed into life by the family and community. The child is blessed into the elements of fire, earth, water, air and ether to help to anchor them in this life and to bring protection and blessing. It is encouraged that the community bring their best intentions for the child, that will help them grow in strength and love. 









Funerals and Life Honouring Ceremonies


We offer beautiful and personal ceremonies to honour loved ones who have passed. We hold prayers and blessing for their passing from this life in peace, and celebrate and remember the jewels of their life. Ceremonies can be tailored to the wishes of people and their families.









Home Cleansing & Blessing


This service is offered so that your home can truly become a place of sanctuary, where you can rest and rejuvenate. We can clean our houses physically, but there is also the need to cleanse them of old emotions, thought patterns and stagnant energies. After the cleansing, we bring in a blessing for the hearth and home that is in harmony with the residents.









The Temple of Éiriú offers ceremonies for honouring and celebrating the transitions in our passage of life.


For further information on any of the major ceremonies outlined here, or to mark a major event in your life with a blessing, please Contact us.


For more photos on ceremonies, please check out the Gallery!





Marriages & Hand Fasting Ceremonies


The Temple of Éiriú is fully registered to solemnise marriages.

If you wish to celebrate your love and commitment with a traditional Celtic blessing, an alternative wedding, or a unique ceremony design of your choice - please get in touch.

Central to the ceremony are your vows to each other. You can marry with a hand-fasting which is an older Irish way of pledging to each other. With this your hands are joined with a blessing for your life together. This symbolises the union of your hearts.


For further information from our solemniser - please contact Trish Cameron here









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