Why Do You Need Screenshots For Google Play Store?


Designing an app is not enough. It's about marketing so you have to package everything even if it's a digital product. Enter screenshots for Google Play store.


When you design an app, that’s not the end of it all. For one, you need a developer for it. Either that or you need a company to invest in your design. Making sure that your app is greatly designed is important for business success. But after the design and development of the application, you still have a lot of things to consider. This is where you need to have the right app store screenshots which will serve as effective visuals.


What is the purpose of those visuals (screenshots)? You need them to wow your audience. You need to present your idea or mobile app design in order to get a developer or an investor. One way to really move with your design is through screenshots for Google Play store. Boosting your app’s performance is necessary so that your brand identity will increase dramatically. This is the essence why it is recommended to have the right Google Play Store Screenshots.


What are the perfect screenshots for Google Play store?


Google Play is the app store of Android products. The screenshots appear on the App Store. But you do need the app screenshots when you are trying to sell your digital product. The screenshots for Google Play Store will show the important details of your digital product. Google Play is better than Apple’s App Store on the part of the mobile app designer.


You see, Google Play allows a maximum of eight screenshots. That is good enough for you to create a story to showcase your mobile app. Everybody loves a good story and if you can tell a convincing one with eight screenshots or less, then you’re doing well. When facing clients or possible clients, you want to show them what your product will be and will look like on Google Play.


This is actually also a good time for app screenshots. Why? Because Google Play just implemented a redesign that puts screenshots above. That means the screenshot will have an easier time attracting an audience. However, you also need to keep in mind that your mobile app will be in direct competition with others. Not only that, some of these apps are related to already famed brands. 


What do I mean? Almost every brand has its own app. Even when a brand seems unlikely to have an app, it actually has an app. Take a look at Coca-Cola. It is a beverage company but it has its own app as well. The goal is for a person to earn rewards while drinking Coca-Cola. The app allows the person to scan icons on the product packaging to earn the rewards. 


To make it more interesting, there are also community-based rewards linked to restaurants and theaters. This means that if you buy coke in your community, you might get a reward like free tickets to your local theater. Those are exciting rewards, right? How do we know those things? Those are all written on the Google Play store. The screenshots are really bright. When you look at each of the shots, you will immediately think of Coke because of its predominantly Coke-red color. 


This is what we mean by competing with top-name brands. Audiences will generally be drawn to them because they know the brand. If you are new to the mobile app world then you have to one-up these popular brands. That’s difficult, for sure. They have large marketing firms behind them creating their marketing projects. So you should expect bold and attractive screenshots. 


What makes a good app screenshot?


Let’s study the Coca-Cola experience. The most important thing is that you immediately tell the people browsing through Google Play the advantage of downloading the mobile app.


There are three screenshots that people will immediately see when they click on the Coca-Cola app on Google Play. The screenshots have the following messages:


●     Unlock more from your favorite beverages

●     Get personalized experiences at your fingertips


Scan your favorite products to unlock rewards

These are all attractive benefits for loyal customers of Coca-Cola products. Since they enjoy drinking the beverages, then they might as well earn something from it. It’s a great deal to be rewarded for something that you actually enjoy. 


On the part of the company, it’s just fitting that they reward loyal customers. But what about unestablished brands? It’s basically the same though except that you don’t have the following of Coca-Cola yet. You need to tell people why they should download your digital product in as few words as possible. Coca-Cola did it in less than eight words per screenshot. 


That’s another thing to keep in mind when creating screenshots for Google Play store: brevity. You don’t want every screenshot to be too wordy. If it’s text heavy, it will look boring. You will easily lose the interest of the audience. The goal is to attract the audience and you won’t do that with a text-heavy screenshot.


On the other hand, while you intend to make your presentation attractive, it has to be well thought out. That means that you don’t just create attractive screenshots for the sake creating an attractive output. It has to be purposeful. 


For one, since it’s a series of screenshots, it has to be cohesive. With the Coca-Cola screenshots for Google Play store, each has a Coke-red backdrop. That makes it cohesive. But that’s also consistent with the company’s branding. You don’t have to do the same. Consistency isn’t just about using the same color, but that’s definitely a large part of it. You can also be consistent with fonts and icons. Consistency is very important in branding and it should also be employed when creating screenshots for the mobile app store. 


Introducing the brand through an app

Since you are not yet Coca-Cola, you have to introduce your brand to the world through the screenshot. Again, try to use fewer words. But more importantly, introduce what the mobile app is about. Don’t go round and round with your information. Go straight to the point. If your mobile app is a game, then say so! If it’s an app for purchasing products, then tell the audience. 


By the way, you can be creative with the information. You don’t always have to just say: this product is a mobile game. Nope! You can do better than that. Here’s a good example: Uber Eats. This is a mobile app brought to you by Uber, the vehicle-for-hire company. Uber Eats is a food-delivery branch of Uber Technologies. The first screenshot of Uber Eats on Google Play says: Crave it? Get it. They tell you that it delivers food that you crave right at your doorstep. In how many words? Four! 


You can do the same. Don’t worry, you will have a chance to explain your app in detail as below the screenshots for Google Play store is the app and company description. Marketing is a major part of the app screenshot, which is why you need to be smart about its creation.