Phone Mockup PSD Free: Showcase Importance Of Branding


When you are proposing a branding campaign, you have to start with the basics. Use a phone mockup PSD free for your branding presentation.


Do you have a branding presentation to make? Well, here’s a suggestion: Use the phone mockup PSD free to showcase your creative and intelligent campaign. There are certain factors you have to learn why you need an Android mockup design for your business idea presentation. This is the main focus of this article. You will be taught here some of the most important facts behind the popularity of mockup templates these days. Take note! Almost all product designers and even big tech companies, like Apple, are using product mockups. So, why won’t you emulate the steps they are going to hit success?


Yes, it’s absolutely free! If you know where to look then you’ll find some really great free phone mockups. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s a presentation tool that uses the phone as the main component. It’s in a PSD file that you can edit and customize. This makes it realistic.


In presentations, you are supposed to wow a prospective client. With a good presentation on a phone mockup PSD free, you are not only dazzling your audience, you are also giving them a glimpse of what the actual output looks like. When it comes to mockups, you have a choice of the free Android phone mockup or a free iPhone mockup. The choice should depend on your target audience. Of course, the presentation is for your client. However, it should also be for the client’s target market. You have to hit two birds with one phone mockup PSD free. 


Why use the phone mockup PSD free?

As earlier mentioned, it provides realism. You are basically showing a client what branding actually looks like. Not only that, you are using mobile marketing, which is very essential in today’s world. Digital marketing is really the way of the entrepreneurial world right now. Mobile marketing, which is a large part of that, is gaining a lot of traction because of how important smartphones have become. 

There was a time when mobile phones were important because you want to communicate with family and friends. Now, it’s more than that. You want to keep up with your friends while also doing some work. You can play games or let out your feelings through social media. You can also keep up with politics and celebrities through social media.


With that in mind, it’s really important that you optimize the benefits of mobile devices through mobile marketing. The phone mockup will be a great presentation tool for your mobile marketing proposal. Mobile marketing is very important in branding. 


Learn the basics of branding

Mobile marketing is the basis for the creation of a strong online brand. Branding is an important element in longevity. Every business wants to live forever, if that’s at all possible. But startups really have a short lifespan. Every startup aims to become a large business. Branding is a large part of that happening. 


What are the basics of branding?


1. Responsive design

We are talking about mobile marketing so the rules are different. Digital marketing is a campaign channeled through the internet. Mobile marketing, on the other hand, has mobile as the keyword. This means that the channel is the mobile device. Responsive design is very important. Everything should fit in the smartphone. 


What this means is that a regular website just won’t do. It has to be designed for the mobile device. You don’t want people to have a hard time navigating a website.


There are two important elements here: user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). The former refers to the physical look of the page and the latter entails maneuverability and functionality. Responsive design is something you can really showcase through a phone mockup. It’s also an important element in branding. A good brand makes sure that everything that has anything to do with the company is on point. Part of that is the responsiveness of the design.


2. Social media

It’s a given that social media is very important. More so with branding. The thing is, many people have no social media. So it’s really a great place to introduce a startup. Not only that, it’s absolutely free! Of course, there are paid advertisements via social media. These are important too. But you can always start with something free. That involves opening social media accounts.


The phone mockup is a great way to showcase your plans for social media management. It is especially essential considering how people are on social media through their phones. Most people check social media through mobile devices rather than personal computers.


What are the most important social media platforms? It’s a given that Facebook is a necessity. There are over 2.7 billion accounts on Facebook. It is definitely the largest social network in the world. It’s a mistake not to take advantage of that.


Instagram is also a great platform especially if the client has a lot of Instagrammable photos. These photos should be about the company, so that means product or service photos.


LinkedIn is a professional site, which you should also take advantage during your presentation. A business needs a lot of professional allies. Creating a LinkedIn account for your clients would be a good idea.


Twitter can be a some-other-day type of platform. The three other platforms are more urgent.


With the phone mockup, you can properly show the client how you plan to develop their social media presence. With multiple platforms that have different characteristics, it is important that every business profile is on-brand. The personality of the business should shine through even if LinkedIn has a more professional tone while Instagram is focused on photos. Facebook is more versatile.


3. Content

Every marketing campaign needs content. This is composed of written words and images or videos. Content should be of high quality. That means that descriptions or articles should be written well. On the other hand, photos should have high resolution. For videos, they should be taken well.


Content should also be on-brand. There should be consistency with the content of the website, content of the social media and content of the marketing campaign. The content structure should really be great if you want to succeed. Then, you need to understand that consistency doesn’t have to be the same thing. It just means that everything can be strung together.


4. SEO

Speaking of content, you also have to be more circumspect with the written words. These should be laced with SEO or search engine optimization. This means that your client’s products or services and website should be searchable on the internet. You want traffic to be directed to your client’s website. 


Yes, you can also showcase content on the phone mockup. And you really should! This is important so that expectations of the clients will be met. This also means that you have to be well-rounded with your presentation since there are so many things to consider. 

Each of these elements: responsive design, social media, content, and SEO should shine in your presentation via phone mockup PSD free.